8 Crafty Selling Strategies to maximize eBay Profit


  1. Utilize the ‘Completed Listings’ tool to analyze previously sold items success rates and average selling prices before you begin listing.eBay Completed Listings
  2. Your title should include at minimum five important keywords (or numbers) that your target audience will search for.  Choose them wisely and add all relevant terms until you max out the word count.  You can get ideas from items that have previously sold.
  3. Write out your description in word, use spell check on your title and the description to avoid spelling errors.  Misspelled listings translate to less of an audience and a lower sale price.
  4. Quality pictures are the key to a higher sale.  Use a plain background with plenty of good lighting, and avoid using the flash if it washes out your photo. Check to make sure the pictures are at least 1000 pixels on the longest end, and / or have a DPI of 90 at minimum. Paint is a great tool for cropping, resizing or labeling your picture fast.  Taking the time to edit photos sets you apart from the others and creates a professional looking listing.

  5. Research good days and times to end your auction.  If you have it end on a Tuesday night at midnight, it’s likely to sell for less than 2:00 pm on a Saturday or Sunday.  Some people will bid and leave it but many like to watch until the last second and try to steal the win.
  6. Conduct tests and keep records.  See if you have better luck with ‘Buy it Now’ listings or Auctions on each item and weigh the cost differences.  Research can be your best friend.
  7. Ship same day if you can.  Even if your auction says 3 days to ship, the faster you work, the better the feedback.  Feedback gets you discounts and more buyers.eBay shipping
  8. Communicate with your buyers.  Taking the time to write a small note on the package or let them know it has shipped.  You can follow up with the customer a few days after they receive it and ask them to leave feedback if they get a chance.  This will help them consider you in the future as a seller they enjoyed buying from.

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