Headache Free Coffee Detox

Quitting Coffee Without the Headache

I stopped drinking coffee about two weeks ago but fell off the train today.  I drink coffee for the energy boost and seem to have better concentration when the caffeine kicks in.  Unfortunately if I don’t get the perfect dose, things don’t go well for me.  Too little and I end up with a headache or no energy boost.  Too much and I end up cranky, jittery, and have extra heart palpitations.
About a year ago I started drinking coffee again after quitting for 6 months.  I was in school, things were stressful and demanding so I caved.  That was a year ago so it’s time to quit again.  I want my natural energy back and don’t want to deal with the addiction anymore.

Last month, the caffeine stopped working for me and I couldn’t drink more thanks to my heart palpitations.  Realizing something must be going on, I decided to try and go back to a healthier lifestyle.  After quitting coffee cold turkey, I started eating less food and drinking more juice to try and get the coffee remnants out of my system faster.  I also drank Green Tea Matcha for a little energy.  This seemed to work well, I didn’t even crave the coffee or get the horrible headaches for the first week and a half after quitting.

I started with a 3 day cleanse from Pressed Juicery.  Took a few days off, then followed by a Sambazon 3 pack from Costco and ate lightly.  If I wanted to follow their recipes, I would have to go the store again so I just decided not to follow the book menu.  I did drink the juices when they said to.  After one day on Sambazon, I started the Chef-V cleanse which was 3 days long, then resumed the other two days of the Sambazon juices and not eating great.  I picked up the Cleanse on Groupon. I think I ate healthy for a few days and then resumed a junkier diet.  Over the past few days, we took a mini vacation and I ate horribly on it of course.  Tons of meat, potatoes, grease, etc.  Not surprisingly, now that it’s Monday, I am paying for it with my extremely foggy brain and fatigue.  So, the coffee won today but I’m not giving up!

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