30 Day Fit Dance Challenge with Keaira LaShae

I have been looking for some motivation to get fit, plus I’ve wanted to learn to dance for awhile now so I am going to kill two birds with one stone. My boyfriend texted me saying he wanted to start a workout blog. He said the best way to stick with something is to have accountability for it. So I jumped on the wagon and here we are. I was looking through different blogs and ended up on YouTube, searching for dance workouts. I came across something that looked like fun and decided to try it, a booty dancing workout. After the workout I felt good and decided to check out Keaira LaShae’s different workouts and saw that she had a 30 day fit challenge so I collected the info and started today!

Most days begin with the mobility workout video posted below.

If you’d like to join me here are the daily workout instructions for the 30 Day Challenge.

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