Day 1: 30 Day Dance Challenge with Keaira LaShae

Day 1 starts out with the mobility warm up and then moves onto the Latin Soca Dance Workout posted above.  For me the Mobility Warm Up gets me relaxed and ready to start the workouts.  Keaira is funny and very motivational.  She makes quirky jokes every once in awhile and encourages you through the whole program.  I am happy I found the challenge.

The Latin Soca Dance Workout is a challenge and got me sweating quick.  This video is done by Keaira alone and kept me smiling and moving the whole entire time.  I like shaking my booty and my body moving.  This one takes a little coordination but is easy to learn.

By the time I got to the Sexy Arms Workout, I was feeling a little bit tired but still amped up.  I was happy to find out that this video is short and efficient at only 9 minutes 22 seconds with a lot of it just being quick explanations.  Keaira films the video between recording sessions to show how you can do workouts on the go and there is not excuse to not squeeze them in.

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