Crocheting for a Cause

Ideas Agenda IconI went with my family to a Holiday Bazaar the other day.  It was fun an interesting to see all of the older ladies proud of their many crafts they created.  We didn’t end up buying very much this time but walking through gave me ideas for things I would like to crochet.  They offered raffle tickets for anyone who walked through the door to win some kind of electronic prize at the end.

After the main area there was a piece of paper on the wall that caught my eye.Newspaper Icon  It was a newspaper clipping about two 8th grade girls that were trying to earn their Girl Scout Silver Award by collecting and making knitted or crocheted hats and scarves for local CSA (Community Services Agency).  CSA will then distribute the hats to some of the 390 homeless people in the community.

I took a picture of the article and just found it in my phone today.  I e-mailed the group taking care of it and let them know I could make special items or just items in bulk if they wanted.  I have never crocheted a blanket before and it is something I would like to do after seeing the beautiful creations at the Holiday Bazaar.  I hope this article inspires you to find a cause that interests you and encourages you to do something good that you enjoy at the same time.


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